Friday, April 29, 2011

A day off without having an off day.

Without wanting to sound too presumptuous, I just need to get it ‘off’ me. 
Every time I hear that phrase 'off day',  it makes me cringe a bit. 
It has become so much a part of our norm here that I am not sure if they really mean what they say or maybe it's just bad grammer?

I was just reading a friend's post on Facebook and she said, "off to work for Ipad 2 launch....even on off day :)"

Presumably she is going to work as she's  'off to work',  but she's also having an  "off day".
If you live in Singapore you would have no difficulty understanding what she just wrote, if we think singlish, i.e. she's going to work on her day off.

But having a day off  is completely different from having an off day.

A Day Off is when you get a break from work.
You don’t need to work, you don’t need to go to work.

Having an Off Day means you are not feeling well, feeling a bit under the weather, or just not at ease with yourself.
You are a bit ‘off”,  like in saying ‘the food is a bit off’, meaning it’s stale or getting bad, or at least not in the best of states.

So, if you have an Off Day, you are not doing too good, but having an Day Off may do wonders for you!

Having an off day? take a day off.

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