Friday, April 1, 2011

The bus companies are still taking your money!

Despite the bus companies' claims that the overcharging problem had been fixed, I've had 2 further instances where I was still overcharged for my trips.

If you had read my earlier blog on the overcharging issue, you'll know that the trip from Bukit Batok Interchange to my office at Andrew Road is supposedly $1.33. I have been regularly charged $1.37 for the trip.

Today I collected my 6th refund for overcharging, so I know it's still happening. This is confirmed by the fact that my requests for the 4cents refund have always been approved.

I get back at them by requesting for a 'complimentary' voucher for a free ride instead of a cash refund. In this way, I actually end up ahead of them. Serves them right for their unintentional (?) mistakes.

So commuters beware, be aware of the actual cost of your trip and check that you are not overcharged by them.

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