Sunday, July 17, 2011

I am more gracious than you are !

It such a telling statement of the level of graciousness we seemed to have arrived at.
I feel really sad indeed.

A recent survey by the Singapore Kindness Movement, as reported by the Straits Times on 4th July 2011, showed that 43% of Singaporeans perceived that they are more gracious to others, while they feel that only 15% are gracious in return!

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We Singaporeans seem to have lost our souls in the quest to move ahead technologically.
Perhaps, sub-conscious social engineering over the years have made us into selfish uncaring digits in the great machinery of enterprise.

Today we are measured by our status, by our country GDP, profits, KPIs, scholarship awards, etc.
People feel that they have 'made it' once they are on their way towards their 5 Cs (Cash, Car, Credit Card, Country Club Condo).  Ideals about family, others and country seemed to be placed on the back burners.

Recent disturbing signs of this 'graciousness' include the infamous "get out of my elitist uncaring face"  diatribe by the daughter of a senior civil servant, and the recent call by "Samantha" for heartlanders (esp those from Bukit Batok, hey that's me!) to stay of out Holland Village.

Acts of self-centeredness can be seen daily at the MRT train stations, bus terminals, supermarket checkouts and even on the roads. My pet peeve is the tissue paper packets 'chope-ing' seats at the food courts.

I also notice a trend nowadays to put the all blame on the 'foreign talent' workers and expatriates working here. It's so easy to blame others for not getting your own way.

I just feel so sad over all these hypocrisy.
I feel so helpless with the whole downward spiraling situation.

Sigh sigh sigh.


  1. Agree Agree Agree.. *Nod Nod Nod...

  2. Hope this makes people think.