Friday, May 24, 2013

You think COE is outrageous? Try getting a VPC

Depending on which side of the fence you are sitting on, it's either the greatest money making scheme or inversely the biggest RIP OFF for some road users in Singapore.

No, I am not talking of COE or ERP but another cockamamie scheme by the transport authorities that causing lots of anguish for owners of heavy vehicles.
I am referring to another 3 letter acronym, the VPC.

The VPC or Vehicle Parking Certificate affects owners of heavy vehicles like prime movers, buses, lorry-cranes and trailers. It came about in 1994 as a result of 'complaints' about irresponsible parking by the heavy vehicle owners. So the wise sages came up with this scheme that sounds very nice on paper.

Every heavy vehicle must have a VPC which proves that you have an allocated parking lot reserved for your vehicle. You can get a VPC from URA or HDB for one of their lots at only $6. Sounds like a real bargain. $6 is not the season parking fee , its just for the piece of paper, like the COE.
You need a new VPC to renew your road tax every six months.

The catch here is that there are only 9,097 URA/HDB lots available (according to the LTA Onemotoring website).
HDB will issue only to drivers who live in the vicinity and URA issues on a first come first served basis. Practically all lots have been taken and the waiting list is 5 years!

According to LTA's published 2011 figures, there are 176,814 heavy vehicles in Singapore.
So how do you fit 176,814 into 9,097 lots?
You don't!  You outsource the parking to private operators.
And here's where the money making machinery kicks into high gear!

Private operators will sell you VPCs for you to renew your vehicle road tax BUT they may not need to give you a parking space! Huh? The VPC doesn't come with a parking space? Yup that's right.

The $6 VPC will cost you between $500 - $800 (13,000% profit!) for only 6 months validity.

 So where do I park? If the private operators have the space, they may rent you a heavy vehicle parking lot and that'll cost you at least another $600 per month! If not, good luck to you.

What I am incensed about is that the private operators are getting away with murder and the authorities won't do anything about it!

My vehicles are parked at my clients factory but I am still strangled by the VPC.


  1. I am facing this prob now. I'm looking for a lot for my dad but to no avail! How la????

  2. Same.. Gave URA website a visit and all are full. Some of the carpark's waiting lists even made me laugh out in ridicule. Park illegally and they visit you every night to give you present in the form of a piss of a paper. Even if it is secluded places. How leh???

    1. I would like to know how as well.

  3. Yes me too . where to find places to park. My friend's company wind up because private lot too expensive then URA lot always full..... How ah???

  4. All same buy vpc that cannot park some more kena fine say u park illegal this most funny thing that ever hear n very angry

  5. In fact, I had written to LTA. Instead, they sabo-ed me by calling the company who sold the VPC and asked why I was not given a lot. In the end, Company go after the employer and the employer comes after the employee, ended up, to safekeep my rice bowl, i had to apologise to LTA saying that I had made a mistake. I am given a lot but I chose not to park there. Now I am back to no lot issue! How ah?

  6. LTA should look into the no of private heavy vehicle owner and gave them some priority.They operate on a small business which requires minimal space of parking lots.Establish company had their own compound to accomodate their heavy trucks.These company owns more heavy vehicle which occupies most of the heavy vehicle parking lots.HDB and URA should refer to LTA before allocating a season parking space for heavy vehicle.