Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Picking Crash Blossoms.

I've been meaning to write something about crash blossoms for some time but was just procrastinating as it involved time collecting the local blooms. With the recent opening of the Gardens by the Bay, the thought did occur again and the impetus to blog about them was the 2 crash blossoms I found this morning.

Do you know what Crash Blossoms are? Or have you heard of it?
You've probably come across many but just that you were not aware that they were called Crash Blossoms.  

Very simply put, Crash Blossoms are those headlines in the newspapers that make you go "huh ?"
It's often used by copywriters to attract your attention but at times and more humorously, they are written seriously , but when published, they then realise "Oops!"
These are the ones that are pure gems as Crash Blossoms.

The term arose after a Japan Today newspaper published an article headlined
“Violinist Linked to JAL crash blossoms”
It started a whole chain of neologism (wow , that means a newly coined term coming into common use). The headline actually referred to a Japan Airline crash victim's daughter coming of age.

In today Straits Times Pg B10, I chuckled when I read 2 crash blossoms side by side.
"S'pore to make tax puzzle easier" and "Free trade pact with Turkey may be on the cards"
You'll get it after a while.

I'll try to collect and collate local crash blossoms and add them to this post as and when I may come across them. Send them to me if you do pick some up.

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