Friday, July 27, 2012

Eating half fried chicken.

Was looking to tabao (takeaway) chicken for dinner tonight (wife not cooking! ) and headed to Bukit Batok Central Varinice Kopitiam.  There's a fried chicken stall there that's pretty decent.

Me: Give me set No.4 but with fries and I want the chicken fully fried.
Malay server girl (MSG): What? You want the whole chicken?

Me: No, I want half a chicken but I want it fully fried.
MSG: You want the half fried chicken with fries? No. 4?

Me: No, I want the chicken fully fried with fries, set 4.
MSG: You want the full chicken?

Me: No lah, just give me set no. 4 with fries.

This really happened a while ago.
Am tucking into my fried half chicken (or should I say half fried chicken ala singlish) dinner now. yummy.


  1. really funny.....

  2. Sometimes, just eat what you get. Don't complicate things too much!lol.... JoJo