Monday, March 12, 2012

Views from the Well

I know people complaint a lot in Singapore but lately it seems the complaints are of the most frivolous in nature.
Just yesterday, Stomp reported a young lady for Bukit Batok kicking up a big fuss (besides kicking chairs at the outlet) over a late phone delivery order.

Today, I just couldn't stand by to read this letter in the Straits Times.
I wrote back to the editor, though I doubt if it will get published.

Dear Editor,

I refer to today's Straits Times Forum (Page A19) letter "What's wrong with peering into Wicked orchestra pit?".
I am bemused by Ms Scofield's query which was unintentionally answered by herself. Just because they had done it at the Esplanade theatre does not imply they are entitled to do so elsewhere. If there were no attendants around, would she have also visited the make-up rooms or costume dept just to satisfy her natural curiosity?

Imagine the crowd following her at the Wicked who would ask why the Scofields are allowed to peer in and not them? The organisers have drawn a line and ticket holders should know what that ticket entitles them to. It certainly does not give them the extra rights to visit the make up rooms, costume dept or even peer into the orchestra pits if the organisers so deem it as such, perhaps on grounds of security or otherwise.

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