Friday, March 2, 2012


I am not an addict nor a compulsive punter but I do buy 4D and Toto regularly.
It seems like I am helping to supplement the govt’s coffers more often than my own bank account. 
But we all have the same dream of striking it rich, right?

For 4D, I only buy 2 numbers each draw.
One is the last 4 digits of my NRIC and the other is my address.

For Toto, I have a system! So who doesn’t? haha.
The last few years I have collected the results of all the previous draws and buy only the numbers that are regularly drawn. I even have a chart showing the pattern of numbers drawn (not that it helps but it assuages my own bruised ego)

Can you see Jesus?

If you are not aware of it, I'll let you know that the the top 7 (most frequently) drawn numbers in the past 3 years are:


My own great theory (ha ha) is that I would have a better chance if I select only numbers that appear most often. 
So for the last few years, I’ve been basically playing around those numbers within the top 10, on the great theory that eventually a day will come when these numbers will fall in line during one particular draw.

Guess what numbers were drawn yesterday?

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  1. errr... so does tat mean u're rich???!!! ...your dear sis