Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sunday Rantings. 7 Dec 2011

Woke up feeling less than a million dollars, more like 30 cents worth.
Still so tired after spending the whole of yesterday at my in-law catching up with the latest family gossips.
Hiya, what to do. It's wifey's choice and I just had to be there too.
At least, I managed to do a video shoot of the Thomson Novena area in between listening to "why she so like that?.. and why like that one??"

Boy I am grouchy this morning. Apologies.
All I heard of Fr John Paul's sermon was something about going fishing. Mea Culpa.
Here's my grouch on this morning's papers:

Confirmed what I predicted last Sunday about the Redhill SERS resettlement.
Clementi motorists now take 27 mins to do what is a 10 mins ride to town.
Building an expressway will reduce commute time (by 30% again? save 8 mins?)
Watch out Kim Tian residents. You are next in line on the target. Guaranteed!

"According to OUR terms and conditions, we MAY make adjustments..changes..charges.."
Might as well not have a contract if its only binding to us and not you.

CASE asks for justification.
Commuters: Revised fares not the answer.
Commuter: Did Comfort consider reducing cab rentals instead?

Reduce rentals? you got to be kidding.
The 'cooperative company' survives not on the cabby's fare takings but on the rental!
When all the grumblings over the impending cab fare hike and when the pasengers settle down to the new norm, I will put my bets down confidently that cab rentals will be increase not reduced!
After all, the cabbies would be earning more from the increased fares, right?. Savvy?

2nd knock this week following the "Singapore now 5th least corrupt country , down from 1st position."
Expect more retrenchments as 1-2% GDP will be the norm, say PM.
As public bonuses are tied to GDP, they'll get reduced bonuses during this downturn.
Guess you can't have your cake and eat it all the time, no cream this round.

Okay, gotta run. Going off to work.
Nevertheless, Have a nice day.

* Sunday Rantings are my thoughts on a lazy Sunday morning after reading the Sunday papers. This may or may not be a regular feature depends on whether I have the energy after breakfast. Also Sunday Mass has a calming effect, so the more I pay attention to the sermons, the less I rant. The long rants probably mean I fell asleep during Mass.

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