Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hot and under fire (again)

Please note the term fire here is used figuratively, as we are aware the subject is a bit sensitive to  'fire'.  (For the uninitiated, the Free Online Dictionary defines Fire as 1. combustion, etc ...and..  5. A severe test, trial, or torment.)  And please note that this is not to flame anyone here, it's just my own opinion.

MP Mr Seng Harn Tong went on blogTV public and using his 15 mins of fame lambasted Malay and Indian MRT staff as not having the ability to speak proper English, or as he said it himself "because some staff are Malay, they are Indians, they cannot converse in English good, well enough".

Not surprising are the immediate 'feedback' from the public over his insensitive remarks. What was most surprising was that his fellow MIW quickly distanced themselves by coming out and firing him from all sides. Again today, in the papers he got grilled and roasted by other fellow MIWs.

Yes, he made an apology.
But an apology that to me sucks.
If you are going to apologize and say sorry, please don't say sorry, but...
Whether you are Chinese educated or Cambridge trained does not mitigate an apology.
Just say sorry and be sincere about it.
Mistake made, say sorry, no buts, no ifs.

If you do that sincerely, nobody will fire you.

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