Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas present for my friends

Christmas is but once a year as they say.
It's about celebrations, it's about feasting, it's about exchanging, giving and receiving presents,
It's about Church and Midnight Mass, it's about caroling and that warm gushy feeling.
But most of all, Christmas is always about family and friends.

Each year around this time, I usually put out my Christmas greeting to all my friends.
The past 2 years via video. I tried to do one last week but the mood and the street lights seems so insipid this year that I decided against it. Maybe I should re-hash last year's video? That the message is perennial and never changing helps.

Some friends told me that my video last year was a touch cynical. I apologize.
I realize that not everyone is Christian and they can celebrate Christmas in any way they prefer.
After all, the true message of Christmas is that God sent his Savior for everyone, not just believers.

Last year was a turning point for me. I joined the ranks of the unemployed for a while. At my age, it was a period of anxiety, but it allowed me to deeply reflect and take stock of my present state.
I can't stop the world and get off, but I decided that I didn't need to keep chasing it either.

So my life is now on a slower pace. I stop to smell the flowers.
I go around photographing places, bridges and elephants; not arty-farty stuff but pictures I like.
My wife noticed a change as well. Our lives and our bond are much stronger for it.
I am a much happier person.

This year, I decided more than just send a Christmas greeting, I am giving all my friends a Christmas present. Not something wrapped in a tinseled box but hopefully just as colorful.
I am giving my time to anyone who want or need it. I am giving myself for you.

Here is your claim check for your present :

I am here for you. Call me. There are no conditions attached.

A Happy and Blessed Christmas to all.

p.s. if you drink this Christmas, don't drive, call for sleigh ride home. ok?

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