Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Keeping Singapore litter free.

What better way to wake up on a lazy Sunday morning then with a good laugh.
The Sunday Times had a serious article with unintentional hilarious snippets.

More enforcement officers deployed, littering increased by 101%.
Put up banners on the penalties of littering, littering increased by 105%
Put up environmental messages: littering increased by 61.5%.
They observed how often the bins spilled over - 22 times ;
they added more bins - the spillage stopped.  Duh?
After a year of study, the results? "Inconclusive"

Click on the picture for detailed view.

Singapore has been oft praised as the cleanest greenest place anywhere, but the recent study found that 4 in 10 respondents admitted to littering, with 1% being hard core litterbugs!

The truth is that Singapore is kept tidy and clean not because most citizens do not litter but that the streets are swept and tidied by a huge battalion of foreign workers.
They are the unsung heroes of keeping Singapore clean and spotless.

Photo by Euyah from cajunsis.blogspot.com
I shall not venture to add any further observation of my  own.
You can read the 179 page study here.
Click the pix for the study results.

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  1. Singaporeans in general are very tidy however I have noticed during my time here (I am an expat) that there are indeed some people appear almost deliberate in their littering - waiting for an appropriate point in time when no-one appears to be about before they commit the offence.

    I often cite Bavaria in Southern Germany as being the only state to be cleaner than Singapore because it is self-policing. Should you ever litter whether by accident or on purpose in the vicinity of a normal citizen, they would not be backward in coming forward to you to rectify the situation, Singaporeans could be doing this too.