Saturday, October 1, 2011

The lady doth protests too much, methinks.

Are you depressed over your size? 
Do you feel the world is unfair because you are fat?
Want to loose 20kgs and find happiness? 

Now there's London Weight Management..   but wait! there's more...
they remind you that they are "neither discriminating nor nauseating the obese women in this territory"(sic) ???!!  LOL

When I first saw their advert, I thought it was stupid and paid no mind to it,  although I knew that it was asking for trouble. Sure enough, the brickbats came fast and furious.

What made me take up my keyboard again was the defense (protests?) that London Weight Management's  Marcomm Manager, Ms Hazel Tang,  raised to counter all the objections over their insensitive advert.

"we have not breached any regulation in accordance to the local regulation".

followed by the classic line,

"We wish to remind you that we are neither discriminating nor nauseating the obese women in this territory," said Tang.

I would just like to tell Miss Tang that being within 'regulations' does not justify putting obese people down, or even that we men are just that superficial.
Don't stereotype everyone just because one of your client experienced a regrettable incident.

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