Monday, October 31, 2011

Humans Fail monkey bins

A while back I wondered when the monkeys at MacRitchie Nature Reserve would overcome the new monkey-proof trash bins introduced by NEA*. (see this blog)

I have yet to see this happen but something else funnier has occurred.

*National Environment Agency

The trash bins seem to be human proof as well.
I have tried these trash bins and it is so easy to understand why it fails.

1. The lock is tight and needs strong finger pressure to unlock it.

2. The lock appears dirty and you'll feel uncomfortable touching it.

3. The lid is made of thick steel and is heavy to lift it open. 
(The lid doesn't pop open - you gotta lift it manually - I supposed they presume monkeys don't have the strength to lift it)

Already reasons 2 & 3 makes you queasy touching the filthy surfaces, but lastly,

4. you need all three of your hands to use the trash bin.  
    One to press and hold the lock, 
    another to lift the heavy cover, and, 
    your third hand to hold the trash you intend to dispose.

So now you know why the garbage is outside the trash bins. It's a no brainer!
Well done, NEA. Kudos to you.


  1. and soon with come a survey with results that say "inconclusive"...yet again...

  2. Ha ha ha... you read my mind! I was actually thinking of adding on that 'inconclusive' survey as part of the above but decided to write another piece as the survey results were so hilarious at some parts.

  3. Hi James, I was lead to your blog about the "Human Proof" bin at Mac Ritchie. I am the neighbourhood commitee chairman at the Lower Peirce neighbourhood. We are now working with the NParks on the monkey issue. Your contribution has been very helpful ! Thanks a lot. Nam Yuen.

  4. Hello Nam Yuen.

    I am glad my 2 cts contributed to some good after all.
    Good luck and best wishes for your efforts with the macque problem.