Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dealing with mid life crisis.

I guess I am at that age when we "senior citizens" start showing symptoms of a mid life crisis!
No, I haven't considered buying a flashy red Mercedes yet, but lately I was thinking hard about buying a top end Nikon. Whatever for I don't know, but it's been nagging me. I am really doing all right with my point & shoot Olympus.

Another symptom is nostalgia.
I keep thinking about my younger days and start reminiscing. sigh, sigh.
I guess it must be a crisis after all.

Today I dug out some of my old, ancient, vintage kodachromes.
It's sad to see these fading fast and so I decided to digitized as much as I can.
For posterity.
My grandchildren will get a blast from it, if my son ever decides to make the jump.

I saved all these into a folder called "OMG! hahahaha."
That's because I know that will be the reaction from anyone who sees it.

Here's a sample.

That's me on the right with my M16.
We were having field training somewhere in Tampines long before the area became a public housing estate.  Hey! during my time we were still under the Israeli instructors and army life was a real torture.

If I come across any more gems, I'll see if it is fit to be published, who knows.
OMG! ha ha ha ha ha.

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