Sunday, August 7, 2011

Monkey business at MacRitchie

I have to cross an overhead pedestrian bridge along Lornie Road each time I go to work.
This bridge is actually pwned by a troop of macaques from the adjacent MacRitchie Nature Reserve.

This bridge is the territory of the macaques.  
Cross and get mugged at your own risk!

These monkeys are wild and will harass pedestrians encroaching into their territory.
They are specially conscious if you are carrying plastic bags. Be warned.

They are probably in tuned to visitors to the Nature Reserve who bring food to them in plastic bags.
They equate plastic bags with food and will try to snatch it from you when they see you with one.

This bridge is also a favourite location for another troop doing some other monkey business.
However, pedestrians are safe but motorists are not.
Here are some photos of the other troop doing their voyueristic monkey business on the bridge.

Just remember
or the macaques.

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