Tuesday, August 16, 2011

NEA builds a better mouse trap

More monkey business...

The macaques have always been a nuisance in the areas around the nature reserves.
They forage for food not only in the reserves but from houses and places adjacent to their habitats.

The trash bins are always a favorite as they know that it contains thrown away delicacies.
There have been many previous attempts by the NEA (or NParks?) to contain this problem by building money-proof trash bins. But the monkeys have always learned to open the lids of all the different bins.

(picture taken off stomp.com.sg)

Recently another new design appeared. This time again said to be monkey-proof.

I'll wait and see how long it takes the monkeys to learn to open the new bins.
Just hope that the monkeys have not yet learn to read the instructions.

If you can't open the bin, then the NEA has done a great job creating an idiot-proof bin.
(NEA=National Environment Agency)

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