Saturday, July 23, 2011

Before its all gone

I checked the traffic on my blogs today and, for some reason which I am unaware of, the most read article is "Old bus stops in Singapore" which I wrote 2 years ago.

When I looked deeper into the statistics, I found that most readers arrived at that article as a result of Google search. People were searching keywords like 'old bus stops' & 'Singapore heritage'.
I guess that for these people old scenes and heritage of Singapore are an interest.

Perhaps the interest is due to the fact that these things are fast fading from the scene.
I had thought that bus stops were pretty much mundane.

I was thinking perhaps I should start taking and keeping photographs of another mundane object which we take for granted - overhead pedestrian bridges. Should I?

When you look at the new Helix Bridge, Henderson Waves bridge and the Alexandra Arch which are all pedestrian bridges, perhaps one day, the typical bridges we use daily will just be a long forgotten memory.
Already the 1st generation steel truss pedestrian overhead bridges are no longer seen,  having been replaced by the concrete types.

I looked up the LTA website and it stated that there are 480 pedestrian bridges in Singapore under their care.
So I'll try and capture as many as I can. It will be a long ongoing project.
Perhaps one day in future, someone will do a search for 'old pedestrian overhead bridges' and laugh at the current designs.

Here's a bit of trivia.
Which was the 1st overhead pedestrian bridge built in Singapore?

Here's an archive photo of it.
The Collyer Quay pedestrian bridge opened on 8 April 1964.
The same bridge eventually evolved into the Change Alley Aerial Plaza.


  1. I have started on this project taking pictures of bridges beginning at Bukit Batok where I live. I will post them on my mobileme (apple) website when it is ready.

    However, I've also put some photos on my other blog if you wish to see a preview. It's at

    Please give me your comments to sustain this project.
    James Tann

  2. I have a comment to make.
    The overhead bridge at clementi avenue 2 sucks! When it rains it gets flooded and we get wet using it. Something has to be done to rectify this situation. Maybe be it was built on the wrong angle, or rather constructed wrongly. The weather conditions have to be taken in when constructing bridges. This goes for bus stops. Not only the seats get wet on rainy days, often we get wet during rainy weather even if we are under the shelter. On hot sunny weather there is no way we can stand in the bus stop but often away from it. I believe such constructions should take the weather into consideration and how the construction of such would benefit us rather than be a hinderance.