Friday, July 29, 2011

Missed by a whisker !

After finishing my previous blog on the tip from my wife about the old steel bridge at Bukit Panjang, I showed the missus the pictures I took yesterday and said that the bridge was not the original design.
The current bridge at Bukit Panjang

Another surprise from her, "That's not the bridge I saw."
Me: ??? "but that's the only bridge that's there now, exactly where your old house was."
So I tried googling for a streetview and guess what, she was right again!

There was a 1st generation steel truss bridge at that proximity but it was taken down recently and replaced by a newer temporary bridge at the exact location where she used to live. It was this newer bridge that I photographed yesterday.

Here is a screen capture from Google earth showing the original steel truss bridge.

Click on picture for a closer view.

Sadly, I just missed the opportunity to photograph the bridge myself.
The MRT contractors had taken down the bridge as it was right above the spot where the tunnelling works were being carried out.

Here is a shot of the same location taken from the new bridge yesterday.

The new bridge is located about 50m further down the road.
My only consolation is that at least I now have a photograph of the 1st generation steel truss bridge, albeit taken off Google Earth.

One more bridge to add to my database. Click to see them here.

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