Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stand up for your rights!

Today somebody said to me,  Go to all that trouble?, it's only 4 cents!
(referring to my earlier blog)


The sad part about making these claims appear to make me look like a cheapskate.
But I am claiming it on grounds of principles and not because of the money.

Of the 6 vouchers, I have actually not used, or did not intend to use, the last 3 pieces.
These are now expired and cannot be used.
I am keeping them as souvenirs of my stand against the injustice.

My expired vouchers.

You are entitled to your opinion, but to me, it's just another sad indication of our mollycoddly attitude which was socially engineered over the past few decades and now so pervasive in our society.
We don't stand up and question wrongs, even when we feel outraged.

If you don't bother to stand up for your own rights. who will stand up for you?

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  1. Today I bothered to make another 4 cents claim (my 7th claim).
    It took less than 30 seconds to file the claim.
    Here is the acknowledgement from Transitlink.

    Date: April 4, 2011 PM 02:44:06 GMT+08:00
    Subject: Submission of Claim: Fare over deduction (S1133435J)

    You have submitted the following claim details to TransitLink.

    Your Ref No : 800/0739/00005

    Incident Date and Time : 2011-04-04 11:00
    Printed Card ID 1 : 1000080058413508
    Bus Service Number : 852
    Road Boarded : Bt Batok Int
    Boarded Stop / Stn : 43009
    Road Alighted : Opp Andrew Rd
    Alighted Stop / Stn : 51111
    Mode of Collection Preferred : Voucher by post

    Note: This is a computer-generated email notification for your record. Please do not reply to this email.