Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shitty service from a shitty bank

I hold a credit card which doubles as my stored value card for riding the MRT trains. The card was issued by a major bank, which I shall not name but will refer to as Shitty Bank.

As of 1st Oct 2009, the MRT train operator replaced their electronic ticketing system to a new system called CEPAS. All the existing entry cards had to be changed to the new CEPAS compliant card for use after 1st Oct. My credit card was not CEPAS compliant and had to be changed too.

A week before Oct, I tried calling Shittybank on their 'Platinum Service Hotline'. Boy, was it hot! Couldn't get through after umpteen attempts and finally succumbed to their last resort... "leave your number and we will get back to you". I did get a call from them after 2 days and know what the guy from the call center said when I inquired about replacing my card to a CEPAS card?

"I am sorry I am with phone banking. You have to call our hotline to get your CEPAS card replacement" ????!!!???@*#@***
"Hello? Isn't it stupid when your hotline tells me to leave my number and then you tell me to call the hotline again!!, I can't get through your hotline" (expletives removed by me)
"Sorry sir, I'll leave a note for the right party to call you. Have a nice day." @*&**!!!

The next day, I did get a call from someone from Shittybank. Unfortunately, I was in the midst of a meeting and asked for him to call back later. I never did receive another call again.

Last week, I got a call from Shittybank again.
Good, I thought, finally someone remembered me.
But it was from someone who was trying to sell me some investment plan!

"Miss, I said, if you look at your computer records you'll probably see that I called a month ago requesting for a card replacement. Your customer service is so bad and you want me to buy more stuff from you? You better get your act together first before I'll even consider using any of your services!" Poor girl, not her fault but I just had to take it out on her. Apologies.

Today I received a letter from Shittybank!
Did my CEPAS replacement finally arrived? There's something hard inside the envelope!
But no, the accompanying note said.. "Thank you for your feedback on your CEPAS compliant card replacement. As a gesture of goodwill, we would like you to have these two $10 Tangs vouchers....."
Hey, I don't need your vouchers! I want my CEPAS card! Sigh.

Anyway, feeling a bit guilty over bawling out that investment girl, I thought I'd try again to call the bank to thank them for the vouchers, say sorry to that girl and to finally get a replacement order for my CEPAS card.

Diallling xxxx 7777..

Thank you for calling Shitty Bank
We recently changed our Menu to make your banking experience quicker and easier..
Pls press 1 for....
Welcome to Shittybank, The bank that NEVER SLEEPS.
Pls enter your NRIC or 16 digit atm number or Credit card no...
xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

Unfortunately our automated banking is unavailable at the moment. Pls try again soon. One moment while we transfer you...

We are curently experiencing a high volume of calls and may not be abe to connect you..
Press 1 to leave your number for our officer to call you before 6pm the next working day...


Unfortunately our automated banking is unavailable at the moment. Pls try again soon. One moment while we transfer you...

Line cuts off.

Sometimes, things like these makes me really feel like we're really part of a Dilbert cartoon.
It's been 6 weeks since that first incident with Shittybank and I still don't have a CEPAS card.

I am back to using my EZ-Link CEPAS card from the transit operator.

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  1. makes my blood boil even when reading your experience. reminds me of similar ones with other shitty banks.......they just cant get it right, even after their bailout....standard answers from an FAQ sheet.