Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Old bus stops in Singapore

I used to live at a small housing estate called Princess Elizabeth Estate, located at Hillview Avenue in Upper Bukit Timah. Was reminiscing about it with my sisters when I decided to look for old photos of our childhood.

While looking for those, I came across an album consisting of photos of bus stops taken around 1989. These, being 20 years ago, I thought it might be interesting (boring?) for some to see these relics. In fact, some of these bus stop designs are still in used, although most today are being replaced by the new standard design.

This is the current standard bus stop design (c.2009). I believe that the bus stops now are designed, constructed and maintained, not by the government or bus companies, but by a media company (JC Decaux? correct me here). This is in exchange for all advertising rights at the bus stops.

Here are the photos from the past. Click on it for a larger image.

Finally, the coup de grace.....
This was the bus terminus at Princess Elizabeth Estate. First used by the Green Bus Co with service No 5. Later taken over by United Bus Co No 173 and finally by the SBS bus 173 and 193. The estate was demolished sometime in the 1990s and the terminus no longer exists, though SBS service 173 still runs through the area.

The following pictures were sent to me by reader Sue who found them after reading my blog. Thanks Sue.
If any of you have more pictures of old bus stops to contribute, I'll be happy to upload them here.

Comments by contributors.

Old car at old bus stop along old road in Changi

Bus stop that looks more like a bucket system toilet without the door in old Sembawang.

Old concrete bus stop at Ang Mo Kio 1980s
Bus stop in rural district c.1960s.

Orchard Road 2011. Lucky Plaza


  1. In 2001, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) awarded the advertising concession to design, build, operation (DBO) 3200 bus and taxi shelters to Clear Channel Singapore. The contract period is 20 years and the figure represents 80% of all shelters in Singapore.

    The above taken from their website. Guess we'll be seeing the same bus stop design for the next 20 years.

  2. Sir,do you have any pictures of old buses? I would really like to see them

  3. To Anonymous of 20 Oct: Sorry I don't have any old pictures of old buses.

  4. There's the new 2012 version of bus stops

  5. Then there are the new-looking bus stops you'll find in the Seletar Aerospace side. Worth a look, very aviation-themed.

  6. Old bus stops in Singapore is described here. Good post

  7. There are also another version of bus stop along old choa chu kang road, around the area of tengah airbase and keat hong camp. Unique to the area. Maybe can gather some photographs of it too?

  8. I really love the old Singapore. look at all the big green trees around, open spaces and lack of gigantic concrete buildings ... really miss the old environment