Saturday, June 20, 2009

Something to say

Saturday, June 20th 2009.

I have another blog at That started from the prompting of my ex-colleague Dawn, who is now happily an SIA girl. On her urging I started to blog.."it's very easy" she said... and that was exactly 2 years ago in July 2007.

Initially, I really didn't know what to write. But finally decided to blog about my previous travels or anything to do with traveling which I love. I named it after my Japanese friend Aki Fujiwara, who also has a mania for travel.

Aki Fujiwara

Over the past 2 years, I penned about 50 anecdotes on that site. Along the way, there were many times when I wanted to say something that had nothing to do with travel. But I felt that it was inappropriate to put it into that site, for example, that incident with the burger at the mall (May 2009).

Then this morning, I said to myself, why not just do another blog?
So thus, Quispiam Loquor was born.

This blog site will contain my personal thoughts and opinions.
I'd be most happy for you to join me in my blog by adding in your comments.
I hope you will return here once in a while to read my ramblings. Enjoy.

best regards
James Tann

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