Monday, June 22, 2009

Embarassing moments

Why does it always have to happen when I am out on those rare few occasions with the Missus??
It simply reinforces my wife's notions about hating to go out together because she thinks I ALWAYS embarrass her!

Just last Wednesday, on my day off, I was to accompany her to buy some groceries.
Only a short walk to the Mall across the road and what happens?
I just had to put my tee-shirt on inside-out!
"Can't stand you! You're really getting senile!" blurted the Missus.
And of course, this led to more recollections to berate me in public over this . Bla bla bla....

And the one that she will never never ever let me forget is The Classic tale of public embarrassing moments.

It happened about a year ago, we were shopping at Takashimaya.
Despite my phobia about using public toilets, the call of nature was too strong to hold back.

I always feel queasy about using the public loos, so I went about with the ritual of wiping and then making a seat cover out of the toilet roll. Don't you all do that? Hmm, I wonder.

Anyway, business done, flushed, and had my pants back on. Relived and back to shopping, walking round the stores. Then, horrors of horrors, about 10 minutes later my wife shrieked out that I had grown a white tail.

A length of toilet roll tissue was trailing out from my pants. This must have had caught my belt while I was putting on my pants. Thus I was walking around with a tail which I had not noticed! Safe to say that put an abrupt end to the shopping. And it just had to be with the wife again!

Tonight, I will be again taking my son and wife out. My son is flying off to Cambridge for further studies. Just hope nothing embarrassing happens while at the airport. Come back again, I'll let you know.

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